TCC – Ad renders

High resolution renders for a print campaign; these are the images delivered to the client, before further editing and graphic design. All done in Blender, rendered with Cycles, minor post in Photoshop.


Digital Emily


I played around with the model in Blender and tried to create some facial expressions for her, it is still a work in progress.

digital_emily_test_render4 digital_emily_test_render3 digital_emily_test_render2 digital_emily_test_render_raw digital_emily_test_render

Kid bust

A study on a realistic character bust, tried to do a child, since it’s much more difficult to do a good portrait of a kid.

Sculpted in Blender dyntopo, rendered in Cycles.

kid_bust kid_bust_viewport

Milkshake splash (Ad image)

This was done for a local icecream brand last year, I don’t know if it was used as part of the final campaign or not, but it was a fun project and a cool challenge.

Everything done in Blender, It took about a week to model all the elements; the main splash form was made using the fluid simulator, and then further sculpted to match the concept art provided by the client. Final compositing done in Photoshop.


Hellboy fanart

One of my favorite characters (in the comic, not the crappy movies), so obviously a fanart had to be made.

Blender sculpt, render in Cycles, post in Photoshop

hellboy_final hellboy_process hellboy

Archvis interiors

Some interior renders I’ve made for work.

Everything made in Blender, rendered in Cycles.

ambiente_V10 ambiente2 ambiente3_v1 comedor habitacion sala

Dance with the devil

A pretty cliche theme, but a fun one to play with. I just took the name for the post from the Breaking Benjamin’s song… Talk about originality right? :/

Blender dyntopo sculpt, rendered in Cycles, post in Photoshop.

devil1And a simpler version with different lighting.

3D sketches

I’ll post these here as a single project, because they’re not polished enough to be posted individually, and I know that probably will never get past the stage they’re in right now, but are worth being shared anyway (I think)….

So here they are, a bunch of 3D sculpting sketches, all done in Blender, some rendered and further processed in Photoshop, some not 🙂




angler_fish_v2 alien_bug_screencap alien_bug bunny_sculpt soldier vampire_alien grey_head God dragon dino_dragon

Smoke (close up)

Trying to revive my blog again (for portfolio and studiyng purposes), I’ll start with this image. The character was sculpted in Blender with dyntopo, rendered in Cycles and post-processed in Photoshop. I’ll try (again) to keep this blog updated with final images, both from work and personal projects as well as any tip, trick, question, tutorial, study or nonsense related to CG that comes to my head.



Raw render:


Viewport screenshots:
screenshots viewport