Little monster turntable

Well, this started as another sculpt quickie, that I ended up liking… very much πŸ˜›

It reminds me of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. but with a little bit more eyes hehe (It could even be his cousin or something). So after finishing (well, its not really finished ’cause it needs new topology) the sculpt, I imported it into Blender to do a turntable. Maybe I will keep working on him to add more detail, a nice texture, a rig, aaaaannnndd a funny walk cycle πŸ˜€

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Little monster turntable

  1. This model is imported from Zbrush or Sculptris into what?…….Please don’t say Blender. Im looking for a good rigging application if you know of any, I’ve tried DAZ and Pinocchio is a lie.


    1. Hehe yes it is imported into Blender from Sculptris. If you want to have really good rigs for animation you should use Maya, but a lot of study is required, not to mention some knowledge in Mel Scripting and Expressions.

      And altough you don’t want to hear about Blender, that’s the best choice to do something quick and good.


      1. Aw no lol, I wish there was the organic equivalent of Blender. To me the approach isn’t very intuitive, a simple ” action script 3 style bone tool” as featured in Abode Flash would be perfect.

        Simply drawing from point to joint and matching them to the relevant point on a time line would be EPIC!!!!!

        We could call it “Pixologic Rigga” LOL

        Do you have any tutorials on basic rigging in any software’s?

        Thanks for your feed back.


  2. Well, there’s a Blender Add-on called Rigify, which let’s you apply a pretty complete autorig on any character just by placing the main bones in the character.

    Here’s a tut:

    That’s the most quick way to make a rig I’ve seen in any software, I think there are similar solutions for maya, or max but I don’t know of any :S

    Hope it helps!


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