Smoke (close up)

Trying to revive my blog (for portfolio and studiyng purposes), I’ll start with this image. The character was sculpted in Blender with dyntopo, rendered in Cycles and post-processed in Photoshop.

3D sketches

I’ll post these here as a single project, because they’re not polished enough to be posted individually, but are worth being shared anyway (I think)….

Dance with the devil

A pretty cliche theme, but a fun one to play with.
Blender dyntopo sculpt, rendered in Cycles, post in Photoshop.

Archvis interiors

Some interior renders I’ve made for work.

Hellboy fanart

One of my favorite characters, so obviously a fanart had to be made.

Milkshake splash (Ad image)

This was done for a local icecream brand, I don’t know if it was used as part of the campaign or not, but it was a fun project and a cool challenge.

Kid bust

A study on a realistic character bust.

Digital Emily

From http://gl.ict.usc.edu/Research/DigitalEmily2/

The Clown

Another speed sculpt sketch I got carried away with. It was a good exercise, on the hair specially, which took a long time to set up properly. I may come back to this later and make another render, with better lighting and higher resolution. I couldn’t decide on which one looked better, so I’ll post … Continue reading The Clown

Sculptember 2017

I decided to do the #sculptember challenge this year, unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the whole month, but I’m posting what I did, along with a couple of timelapses. It was a pretty good exercise, I’ll try to do more of this 30 days challenges in the future. In average I tried to spend … Continue reading Sculptember 2017


Had an old base sculpt lying around and decided to do something with it for the holidays, so here’s a portrait of Santa, and an interview 🙂 Five Questions with Santa By Melissa Muñoz So Santa, tell us. Have things changed since you first started giving out gifts during Christmas? Well of course they have, … Continue reading Santa


Lo que empezó como una prueba de iluminación y settings de cámara terminó convirtiéndose en esta imagen. Un poco con vibra de película de terror, puede funcionar para hacer un pequeño teaser a partir de la imagen 🙂 What started as a simple test for camera en lighting setting morphed into this. I liked the … Continue reading Trapped


Render based on the illustration done by my friend raeioul Render hecho basado en la ilustración de mi amigo raeioul

TCC – Ad renders

High resolution renders for a print campaign; these are the images delivered to the client, before further editing and graphic design. All done in Blender, rendered with Cycles, minor post in Photoshop.

Simple cartoon character

Comission for Bombillo Amarillo Client: Canal Telemedellin

Mascot design – Isagen

Comission for Feeling Client: Isagen Isagen game

Alien Bust

I just realized I never posted this project here. What started as another alien head speed sculpt turned into an excuse to learn Substance Painter and practice retopology. I also did a short loop to see how well it would deform, though the rig could be a LOT better, it was a fun exercise 🙂 … Continue reading Alien Bust

Donkey Kong (Fanart)

ENG: Here’s another project I didn’t posted on the blog, a quick fanart of Donkey Kong, aiming for a mix between the cartoony shape and realistic hair and materials. As usual, all done in Blender, rendered in Cycles with little post in Photoshop. ESP: Otro proyecto que nunca publiqué en el blog, un fan art … Continue reading Donkey Kong (Fanart)


This character was an exercise that served as a way to further improve hair and fur rendering, as well as clothing using Marvelous Designer. As usual, sculpt, shading and rendering was done in Blender, minor post-processing in Photoshop.  

Cute food

Simple and cartoon characters made to represent some of the local food 🙂


This is a small sample of my work up until last year, mainly with motion graphics and advertising stuff, hope you like it!   https://vimeo.com/235829927

Venom (Fanart)

Blender + Photoshop


Cold Energy

Was playing around with a rigged model and modifiers in Blender and came up with this villainous guy. Blender + Photoshop

Batman fanart

Away from 3d this time, this is a painting study I did, inspired by the awesome work of Jeffrey Alan Love

Character Study

Did this portrait as a study while watching the Artstation masterclasses.

Native Girl

Wanted to do something a bit different this time so I tried to create a native woman from SouthAmerica, based loosely on the native cultures from Colombia.


In this study I tried to go beyond the usual portrait/bust to add a bit of storytelling through the character and the situation he’s in. Blender for sculpting and render and Photoshop for paintover and post processing.